A 'sensational' spring break beach party

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February 21, 2020

It’s time to shake off the winter blues and get into the newness of spring at the Atlantis resort as it debuts its newest party – Sensation Spring Break Beach Party. Years before Coachella and EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival), there was Woodstock – the U.S. festival – and in years to come, the principles at Atlantis expect their Sensation Spring Break Beach Party to be spoken about with the same reverence, and referenced as the hottest Caribbean party ever had. The inaugural Sensation Spring Break Beach Party will be one for the ages with a sensational lineup of DJs tapped for the event that is expected to end all beach parties and that will include Lil Jon, DJ Irie, Loud Luxury, Konflikt, Brandi Cyrus, Brooke Evers and Chase B. Michael MacDonnell, Atlantis vice president, food and beverage, said it is their hope that Sensation becomes the event that people look back on and be like, “‘I remember that amazing time I had at Sensation,’ and the name synergizes with that moment of feeling. Before you know it…a year has gone by, or you’ve graduated college, you’re living your profession, but you’ll always remember that Sensation you had at Atlantis.”

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News date : 02/21/2020    Category : Entertainment, Nassau Guardian Stories

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