That’S Not Your Job, Mr Speaker

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February 21, 2020

AS AN “impartial arbiter,” House Speaker Halson Moultrie should not be calling for action or legislation on any matter regardless of his convictions, attorney Wayne Munroe insisted yesterday. Instead, Mr Munroe said Mr Moultrie should curb his expression and public comments if they are not related to parliamentary affairs and decorum in the lower chamber. Mr Moultrie was contacted for comment after he told the House of Assembly on Wednesday that he had reviewed the Penal Code to see if something could be done regarding obscene language in social media videos. He said something needed to be done about the issue as it was “eroding” the country’s moral fabric. He also expressed regret that National Security Minister Marvin Dames was not present at that point in the House sitting to hear his concerns.

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News date : 02/21/2020    Category : About Bahamians, Disputes, Opinion, Politics, Tribune Stories

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