Justice In Sight - But 15 Years Late: Family Finally See Man Admit Brutally Killing Their Mother

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February 13, 2020

THE son of a woman fatally stabbed over a decade ago in front of her children is calling for swift justice over her murder, after the man charged with the killing confessed to the crime. Tanrio Fowler, 26, the son of murdered victim and former Tribune employee Ericka Fowler, told The Tribune yesterday that the family wants their mother’s murder trial to quickly come to an end so that they can have closure over her death. His father was charged with her killing. “Honestly, it’s been like a nightmare, you know,” Mr Fowler said. “It’s like all the years done past. I ain’t forget about (it), but it’s like no justice was coming out of it. So, I decide whatever happen, happens so just leave it and move on with my life. “And, then it coming back up, it just waking me back up to the tragic day you know. It’s a delicate situation and it’s not like something happened between strangers. This a family matter. This a domestic matter. This mother and father and kids. People just look at the fact that this a bad person and you know, you need justice but it’s deeper than finding justice it’s a mental thing.”

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News date : 02/13/2020    Category : About Bahamians, Court, Crime, Tribune Stories

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