Atlanta Gospel Artist Obie One B.A. Delivers Items To Grand Bahamas Hurricane Dorian Victims

Mon, Jan 20th 2020, 04:17 PM

After seeing how Bahamians in Grand Bahama are still in desperate need months after Hurricane Dorian, Atlanta-based gospel recording artist Obie One B.A. went to the island to personally distribute items to those trying to rebuild their lives.

The artist, whose real name is Obafemi Hawk, also helped in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. Through his businesses in the Atlanta area, family, friends and strangers, he was able to gather supplies in short order. With his mother and friends, he made a trip to Grand Bahama to ensure the items got into the hands of those who needed it most.

Once on the ground in Grand Bahama, Obie One B.A. met with Pastor Ken Strachan of Seed Sowing Ministries who received the bulk of the items to distribute to the community and went to see some of the devastation on the island first hand.

“Yes, people on the ground have gotten some help but it is going to take decades for some to rebound as the needs are ongoing,” said Obie One B.A. “You have to consider people lost their homes, business, schools, communities and tragically, some even lost loved ones. We are beyond grateful to all the Atlantans who came through to assist and wanted to show them where their contributions went. It was a true blessing to go door to door, neighborhood to neighborhood, church to church, and person to person to give blankets, toiletries, clothes, water, etc. The need was so prevalent and the looks of thanks on everyone’s face was priceless when they received.”

Obie One B.A.’s mother, Lisa Hall-Hawk said she was emotionally taken aback to see parts of the island she visited many times in ruin.

“It looked like something from out of an apocalypse movie,” she says. “To know that people worked hard and lost everything - their businesses, their homes, their lives - it really was a lot to take in. But they were grateful that we were there and happy we even thought of them to help because the road to recovery is going to take years and years.”

Obie One B.A. said he plans to continue raising awareness and will take another trip in the near future.


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