CBC Celebrates The Last 10 Years While Looking Forward to 2020

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December 23, 2019

The start of 2020 not only marks the beginning of another exciting chapter for the Caribbean Bottling Company (CBC), but also the end of an unforgettable decade. The past 10 years have been particularly memorable for the team at Caribbean Bottling, and undoubtedly for the Bahamas as a whole. As CBC prepares for another year of new products and promotions, as well as returning as the proud sponsor of a number of youth, sporting, cultural, educational, and community events, the company is looking back on a few of its most memorable moments since 2010.

CBC will once again return as a sponsor of the One Family Junkanoo Group for the upcoming Boxing Day and New Years Day parades, but the company has long been a proud supporter of events that celebrate culture, traditions and what it means to be Bahamian. In the past 10 years, CBC has supported Independence celebrations, a bevy of Family Island Regattas, and numerous events that observe Bahamian pride.

The Marathon Bahamas Race Weekend is another event that CBC will be contributing to as a beverage and monetary sponsor, from Jan 18-19, 2020. CBC will be supporting a number of Dasani centric activities this upcoming January, in addition to the company’s contributions to sporting events, around the country.

The Sprite Basketball Tournament will turn twelve this upcoming July, marking 10+ years and 1000s of young men showcasing their athleticism and talent. Over the years, the company has also supported IAAF, Marathon Bahamas, Susan G. Komen 5K, Tour de Lootra, FIFA Beach Soccer, Potcakeman, Run For Pompey, Bahamas Half Marathon, Color Run, Jingle Jog, UB Fit, Chickcharney Challenge, LPGA, and the Conchman Triathlon, just to name a few.

Nikia Wells, CBC Marketing Manager of Communications, noted that over the years, CBC has had an amazing time supporting those events that get people moving, test endurance, and celebrate athleticism. “We love being able to keep athletes hydrated and energized every step of the way - with Dasani & Powerade, of course.”

In addition to those activities that promote physical fitness, CBC supports initiatives that encourage educational literacy. Wendy’s and Coca-Cola will once again partner to award the bi-annual Bright Minds Bright Futures Scholarship to a deserving graduating sixth grader in 2020. The scholarship will run alongside CBC’s annual Carleton Williams Scholarship that will be recruiting a hard working student headed, into high school. 2020’s winner will come from Garvin Tyne’s Primary School.

“At CBC, we believe wholeheartedly in investing in our country’s men and women” said Wells. “And, in the last 10 years, we have been proud to support education, arts, sporting, and culture initiatives that enrich the lives of young Bahamians. We currently grant scholarships annually for graduating 6th graders and, in the past several years, we have supported and/or made donations to the NGM Major Music Room, the CARIFTA Swim Team, Miss Bahamas, the UB Choir, the Sprite Basketball Tournament, the annual Police Summer Camps, Cans For Kids, and United FC, in addition to many others.”

The arts, like sports and culture, will be another focus of CBC’s support in 2020 and beyond. The company will once again return as a sponsor of Jollification and the Wine & Art Festival, both hosted by the Bahamas National Trust. Earlier this year, CBC awarded its first Coca-Cola Love Jingle Contest winner, Lavardo “Shine” Sands, and last year CBC also hosted a Goombay Fashion Show to highlight the talents of Bahamian fashion designers. But, perhaps of the most memorable art initiative that CBC supported in the past decade was 2010’s Coca-Cola Love My Bahamas Downtown Art Experience. CBC partnered with the National Art Gallery, Ministry of Tourism and the Downtown Nassau Partnership for the ambitious project that transformed 15 buildings and sites in Downtown New Providence with vibrant murals and sculptures created by Antonius Roberts, John Beadle, Chantal Bethel, Lillian Blades, John Cox, Claudette Dean, Tyrone Ferguson, Maya Hayuk, Jace McKinney, Toby Lunn, Kishan Munroe, Jolyon Smith, Allan Wallace, Arjuna Watson and Daniel Weise.

Wells added, “Looking back on the photos or these works of art still fills us with awe.” In addition to supporting the cornerstones of Bahamian society, 2020 will see CBC continuing to host a number of exciting promotions that give shoppers numerous chances to win prizes and show off their Coca-Cola love.

“Our customers and the communities that we serve are always at the forefront of our plans” added Wells, when referring to other initiatives that CBC has lined up for the New Year. The company will announce its Domestic Tourist and Esso Christmas Store Décor contest winners in late 2019, but in recent years CBC has also hosted a Minute Maid Fruit Coolers Shopping Spree, given away instant cash prizes as part of their Be Santa holiday giveaway, and allowed customers to personalize their own Coca-Cola bottles via the Share a Coke promotion. CBC’s current I Am Coca-Cola Bahamas campaign also gives customers the chance to take home a number of Bahamian icon giveaways that include glasses, bags and can koozies that feature the various Bahamian islands.

Several years ago, CBC moved into a brand new bottling plant on Sir Milo Butler Highway, where they proudly produce a wide range of Coca-Cola beverages that cater to the ever-evolving taste preferences of Bahamians. CBC furthermore has plans to upgrade several key pieces of equipment in 2020, including the addition of a new can filler that will create more canning options in the very near future, highlighting the company’s ongoing commitment to embrace innovation and growth.

CBC also moved into a new, and updated Grand Bahama location in 2013. That same year, CBC became the official Coca-Cola distributor in the Turks & Caicos Islands.

As CBC embraces change, they also respect tradition. The Bahamas Goombay Punch's exact debut is up for debate, but its pineapple goodness has been around for the past several decades. And, by all accounts this beloved soft drink turned 40 recently. “We not only love sharing that Goombay magic at events, but we also enjoy supporting and celebrating Bahamian men and women who love Goombay Punch as much as we do” added Wells.

Goombay Punch is one of several classic beverage offerings, but CBC has introduced a wide range of delicious soft drinks, water and no sugar options, over the past few years, including Dasani Sparkling and Dasani Sparkling flavors, Schweppes Grapefruit, Minute Maid Fruit Coolers, Monster, Vitamin Water and, very recently, Honest Kids and Hi-C juice boxes. Several favorites have also gotten upgrades, including the switch to the environmentally friendly Dasani Plant Bottle, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar’s transition to Coca-Cola No Sugar and Sprite receiving a new look.

Wells also noted that although the CBC team enjoys providing refreshment and supporting fun initiatives, it is also paramount to give back to communities around the country. “Over the years, we have been proud to partner with groups, organizations and individuals who work diligently to enrich the Bahamian communities, that we serve. From BAARK to Hands For Hunger, The Salvation Army to Cans 4 Kids, Red Cross to the Royal Bahamas Police Force and all of the other hardworking, passionate, and committed groups that we support - we are excited to see their hard work pay off in 2020 and beyond.”

In addition to CBC’s community outreach, the company is still maintaining active support for various relief groups in the wake of the devastating hurricanes that ravaged the Bahamas. Wells continued, “In the past several years, a number of hurricanes have battered our beautiful Bahamaland. And, in the immediate wake of those storms, as our fellow Bahamians worked to regroup and rebuild, we were there to support them in any way that we could. Many are still recovering post Dorian while others are still living with the impact of Hurricanes Matthew and Joaquin. We are inspired by the resilience of our fellow Bahamians. And, we also wish to thank our International Coca-Cola colleagues for their generous support over the years.”

CBC has a number of community outreach events and activities planned for 2020, inclusive of the completion of several projects with The Salvation Army, that have been generously funded by The Coca-Cola Foundation.


1: CBC sponsored float during the Bahamas’ 40th Independence Float Parade

2: 2015’ Share A Coke Campaign

3: Pirates enjoying Coca-Cola Zero Sugar at Festival Rum Bahamas in 2017

4: Customer enjoying Vitamin Water, which was introduced by CBC in 2010

5: FIFA Beach Soccer Spectators enjoying CBC’s activation in 2017

6: Coca-Cola Supporting FIFA Beach Soccer in 2017

7: 2017 CBC Carleton Williams Scholarship Recipient K. Kaiya Pinder

8: Bright Minds Bright Future & CBC Carleton Williams Scholarship Recipients during a tour in 2018

9: Joyann Stuart, CBC Grand Bahama Manager; Gabriel Hall, scholarship recipient, and Nikia Wells, CBC Communications Marketing Manager

10: Bright Minds Bright Future & CBC Carleton Williams Scholarship Recipients during a tour in 2018

11: (L-R) Karla Wells-Lisgaris, CBC Brand Manager, with NGM Major Music students in 2019

12: 2019 National Swimming Championships athletes with Nikia Wells, CBC Communications Marketing Manager (far right).

13: CBC Volunteers during Hands for Hunger volunteer event in 2017

14: Bahamian artist Harry Wallace showing off his Bahamas Goombay Punch love in 2018

15: Sprite Basketball MVP during 2018 Tournament

16: Minute Maid Fruit Cooler Finalist, Elizabeth Innis, taking part in 2018 Shopping Spree

17: (L-R) Gabriella Suighi, CBC Activations Marketing Manager; Mona Moss, former CBC Marketing Team Member; Rayvonne Bethel, Finalist; Elizabeth Innis, Finalist; Dereka Moultrie, Finalist; Evletta Johnson, Finalist; Edward Burrows, Finalist; Mr. Russell, Cable Beach Quality Supermarket Manager; Nikia Wells, CBC Communications Marketing Manager; and Valentino Johnson, CBC Marketing Team Members.

18: Team CBC spreading the word about Cans For Kids in 2018

19-20: CBC hosting a FIFA World Cup viewing party for the CBC sponsored United FC Football Club in 2018

21: (L-R) - Model Selvinique Wright and Designer Designer Kejuan'a Beneby, 2018 Bahamas Goombay Punch Fashion Show finalist

22: 2018 Bahamas Goombay Punch Fashion Show finalists

23: CBC supporting Hands for Hunger’s ongoing meal collection program

24: Kayle Mortimer of Mortimer Candies holding Bahamas Goombay Punch in show of gratitude for CBC’s support of their 90th Anniversary celebrations in 2018

25: Nikia Wells, CBC Communications Marketing Manager & Devon Haughton, Territorial Leader, Salvation Army Caribbean Territory cutting the ribbon at The Salvation Army’s Women & Children’s Emergency Shelter in 2018

26: CBC Team Members & Coca-Cola Puerto Rico receiving Hurricane Dorian Relief Supplies

27: CBC Team Members distributing Hurricane Dorian relief supplies in High Rock, Grand Bahama

28: 2015’s Hurricane Joaquin Relief efforts in Long Island

29-32 & 52, 52: Sprite Basketball Tournament throughout the years

33: 2019 Sprite Basketball Tournament Players with NBA Player, Bubby Hield

34: CBC’s 2019 Sprite Summer of Basketball sponsored groups - (L-R) Jabari Wilmott, Hooping By The Park Event Coordinator; Kaiwan Gobson and Melissa Allen of the Buddy Hield Hope Elite 242 Clinic; ASP Johnson, RBPF Coordinator of the Sprite Basketball Tournament; Nikia Wells, CBC Communications Marketing Manager; Carlos Reid, Peace On Da Streets; and Coach Kevin Johnson, The Kevin Johnson Summer Camp.

35: Team CBC showing off the new Dasani Sparkling flavours, launched in November 2019

36: Customers with Minute Maid Fruit Cooler, launched in 2017

37: Monster team members with Monster energy drinks, launched in 2017

38: Bahamas produced Coca-Cola in front of the iconic Salt Mills Plaza Windmill in the Turks and Caicos Islands, after CBC became the official TCI distributor of Coca-Cola beverages in 2013

39: One Family CBC Sponsored float in 2017 Boxing Day Junkanoo Parade

40: Team CBC in front of the Caribbean Bottling Sir Milo Butler Highway Bottling Plant, which was opened in 2011

41: Team CBC Grand Bahama in front of the Grand Bahama facility, which was upgraded in 2013

42: CBC Team Member giving our Coca-Cola Bahamas glasses in Spanish Wells, Eleuthera in 2019

43: Young women posing with Dasani Sparkling water which was launched in 2016

44: Bright Minds, Bright Futures recipients at 2019 annual celebration lunch

45: 2019 Coca-Cola Love Jingle contest winner, Lavardo “Shine” Sands

46: UB Choir in CBC sponsored Bahamas Goombay Punch Shirts in 2018

47: 2018 Miss Bahamas Contestants in Coca-Cola No Sugar Shirts

48: CBC proudly sponsored Potcakeman, annually - (L-R) Sarah Kennedy, Potcakeman organizer; Gabriella Suighi , CBC Activations Marketing Manager

49-51: Marathon Bahamas Race Weekend throughout the years

53: Be Santa instant cash winner in 2018

54-59: 2010’s Coca-Cola Love My Bahamas Downtown Art Experience

60: Dasani Sparkling launch at Paradise Plates 2016

About Caribbean Bottling Company (Bahamas) Ltd.

Caribbean Bottling Company (Bahamas) Ltd. (CBC) and its predecessor companies have serviced the Bahamas with Coca-Cola products for over 80 years. With the acquisition of T&C Refreshments in 2013, CBC is now also the distributor for Coca-Cola products in the Turks & Caicos Islands.

In addition to the distribution of the Coca-Cola product line, CBC also offers Schweppes, Fanta, Sprite, Barq’s Root Beer, Dr. Pepper, Goombay Punch, Barritt’s Ginger Beer, Canada Dry, Monster, Vitamin Water, Dasani, Powerade, Minute Maid and Flavorful Juices.

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