See You In Court: Defiant Bethel Vows To Fight Legal Moves On Shanty Towns

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December 03, 2019

ATTORNEY General Carl Bethel yesterday said that the government “will prevail” in the courts against injunctions filed to stop the demolition of shanty towns in the country. “Iron will meet iron… the struggle to eradicate these unacceptable, unsafe and very dangerous conditions will continue in the courts and we expect that we will prevail because all we are asking is for every single resident in the Bahamas to live their life in healthy and safe and sanitary way,” he told reporters at Government House yesterday. “No amount of glossy affidavits and words can justify or hide the fact that it is well documented that these shanty towns are unsafe conditions, particularly for the young girls as well and not to mention surrounding communities and not to mention the adults who live in these areas.” Mr Bethel was responding reports that Rights Bahamas had filed an affidavit to further prevent the evictions and demolitions of shanty towns in Abaco and the wider Bahamian community. Rights Bahamas has previously said the organisation would not relent in taking legal action over the demolition of shanty towns, branding the move as “xenophobic and petty.”

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News date : 12/03/2019    Category : About Bahamians, Court, Tribune Stories

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