Atlantis Claim Protest By Unhappy Staff Unlawful

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December 02, 2019

ATLANTIS has called last week’s protest by disgruntled union members “unlawful” and unjustified, as it was held the same day a hotel representative was set to sign off multiple sections of a new labour contract. A statement from Audrey Oswell, Atlantis president and managing director, to Atlantis workers, said the Bahamas Hotel Employers Association is engaged in “positive negotiations” for a new labour contract. She added hotel executives want to work quickly to address workers’ most pressing concern — increasing their wages — and are ready to negotiate to get a new agreement signed. “At the outset, the BHEA agreed to the four-month negotiation schedule requested by the union, knowing that it was a tight timeline,” the statement noted. “We have been moving toward our shared goal with every intention of completing negotiations by late December.”

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News date : 12/02/2019    Category : Business, Tribune Stories

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