CWCO Generator Helps Restore Government Operations in Abaco

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November 20, 2019

NEMA recently received a generator that will reliably power its Abaco headquarters, allowing them to facilitate the government’s essential daily duties organising relief and restoration work across Abaco.

The 400 kilowatt generator, lent by Consolidated Water (Bahamas) Ltd. and Consolidated Water (Cayman) Ltd. (CWCO), will be used to help restore government services in Marsh Harbour by powering NEMA’s operational center, according to John-Michael Clarke, Chair of the Disaster Relief and Reconstruction Committee. “In Abaco right now, the challenge is there are no government services,” said John-Michael Clarke. “We are moving essential government services back to Abaco by setting up a central workforce that is housed in 47 Recreational Vehicles (RVs), and CWCO’s generator will power those RVs.

“In order for Abaco to be brought back to life, we now need to have some government function over there, so this provision is very timely. A strong government presence is required because the shelf-life of an NGO in a disaster area such as this is usually 90 to 120 days, and we’re fast approaching that.”

CWCO General Manager Bryan Russell revealed that in addition to providing NEMA with the 400 kilowatt generator, the company will be monitoring the maintenance to ensure it continues to work reliably.

“Our company had an extra generator that wasn’t in use, so when one of our directors spoke to NEMA and found out they needed it, we immediately serviced it so it was in prime working condition and arranged for it to be picked up and shipped. Some of our technical staff will go to NEMA’s center in Abaco to review the installation.

“We have a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) that alerts to when planned maintenance should be carried out on the generator, so when servicing is required our staff will return to Abaco to oversee this task and keep it in good running order.”

During a visit to NEMA headquarters, CWCO personal met John-Michael Clarke, the government-appointed Chair of the Disaster Relief and Reconstruction Committee, and NEMA Director Captain Stephen Russell. Discussions included inviting a local CWCO representative to be a part of the annual pre-hurricane season preparedness meetings with other utility providers. Ramjeet Jerrybandan, Executive Vice President of Operations for CWCO’s Grand Cayman facilities, said, “As an essential service to the countries where we do business, CWCO typically tends to partner with organisations like NEMA. This way we’re present, we know what’s happening, and we can work together with the organisation in any way our capabilities allow us to assist. We look forward to future partnership between CWCO and NEMA so that we’re able to lend more support from our company.”


Consolidated Water (Bahamas) Ltd. provided a 400 kilowatt generator to NEMA that will help the disaster management agency restore government services to Hurricane Dorian-ravaged Abaco. Following the exchange, CWCO representatives paid a visit to NEMA where they discussed future partnership opportunities. L to R: Director of NEMA Captain Stephen Russell; Chair of the Disaster Relief and Reconstruction Committee John-Michael Clarke; CWCO (Bahamas) General Manager Bryan Russell; CWCO Executive Vice President of Operations (Grand Cayman) Ramjeet Jerrybandan; and CWCO Board Member Ethan Adderley.

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