Abuse Claims ‘Will Be Examined’

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November 19, 2019

MMIGRATION Minister Elsworth Johnson said officials will investigate any documented allegations of abuse towards Haitian migrants. His comments to The Tribune came after a spokesman for the International Organisation for Migration told a local media outlet some Haitian deportees claimed they had suffered physical and sexual abuse before being repatriated. Yesterday Mr Johnson said the government has frequently dealt with “false” accusations of abuse against migrants, however if a claim is credible he said a process has to be followed. In monitoring the immigration crisis in the Bahamas, IOM’s Chief of Mission in Haiti Giuseppe Loprete told The Tribune that on the second and third rounds of deportation post-Hurricane Dorian, his team interviewed 150 persons, some of whom complained about being abused. He said the UN office of Human Rights was informed and the IOM office in the capital is expected to raise the issue and advocate for the respect of immigrants’ rights.

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News date : 11/19/2019    Category : Crime, Tribune Stories

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