Press Release from the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture

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November 06, 2019

The Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture seeks to clarify the photo of a Commemorative Medallion that has recently been circulated on social media. 

The Commemorative Medallion which has two sides is not an award and did not replace the National Youth Award Nominee Medals issued to Nominees during the National Youth Month Celebrations.  The Medals issued displayed on one side the Ministry’s name and theme and on the other side, the Coat of Arms as is standard. 

On October 22, 2019 the Youth Parliamentarians paid a courtesy call on the Minister of Youth, Sports & Culture at the Office of the Minister, University Boulevard.  At that courtesy call, the Minister provided a Commemorative Medallion as a memorable gift directly from the Minister to the young people paying the courtesy call on her office. On one side of the Commemorative Medallion was a photo of the Minister upon whom the courtesy call was made, and the other side was the year and theme of National Youth Month 2019. 

The Commemorative Medallion circulating in social media showing one side with the Minister’s photo, and another Commemorative Medallion showing the Coat of Arms is not a true reflection of the National Youth Month Nominee Medal issued or the commemorative gift presented to Youth Parliamentarians during the courtesy call. 

Any narrative and or image circulated with the intent of communicating that the Commemorative Medallion replaced the National Youth Award Nominee Medal is false.

News date : 11/06/2019    Category : Disputes, Opinion, Press Releases

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