Mitchell Unhappy With Forbes-Smith's Dual Role

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November 05, 2019

THE official Opposition in the Senate will contest Kay Forbes-Smith's dual roles as Senate president and lead coordinator of post-Dorian recovery efforts in Grand Bahama, according to Fred Mitchell. The Progressive Liberal Party believes it is improper for Mrs Forbes-Smith to simultaneously preside over a legislative body and work for the executive, particularly now as the Senate debates a disaster management bill. Mr Mitchell, leader of Opposition business in the chamber, said: "What we plan to do is similar to what happens when you bring a vote of no confidence against the speaker of the House. The issue is this: suppose when I speak in the Senate I say hurricane relief in Grand Bahama has been a disaster and it has been a disaster because of her role in the recovery? The rules now say you cannot attack the presiding officer unless you bring a substantive motion. So where does that put me? Must I censor myself because she's sitting in the chair?"

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News date : 11/05/2019    Category : Disputes, Opinion, Tribune Stories

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