Angry parent insists protesting teachers should be replaced

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November 04, 2019

A DISGRUNTLED parent has called for the removal of all the teachers at CH Reeves Junior High School participating in ongoing protests. The parent, who preferred not to be named, said last year the teachers at CH Reeves had a few sit outs and this year teachers are still refusing to teach the kids. “The parents bring their kids to school every day, find lunch money for them, clean their uniform and bring them to school for the teachers to walk out the classrooms. If the classroom isn’t good enough for the teachers, then it shouldn’t be good enough for the students,” the parent said. “If the teachers were really (interested) in doing their jobs they would have taken the kids outside under the tree and teach those kids. When exam time comes around, the kids are going to fail. The teachers are really interfering with their futures dramatically. If the kids aren’t taught, they’re not going to learn anything in school.”

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News date : 11/04/2019    Category : About Bahamians, Disputes, Education, Opinion, Tribune Stories

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