Atlantis Celebrates International Sawfish day with Aqua Talks to promote awareness of endangered small tooth sawfish species

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October 21, 2019

As International Sawfish Day is celebrated worldwide on October 17th, this day did not go unnoticed at the iconic Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island. The resort offers the only sanctuary in the world that has successfully reproduced the endangered smalltooth sawfish species; and with a total of eight smalltooth sawfish throughout various marine habitats, International Sawfish Day was celebrated with several on-property activities to spread awareness about the critically endangered species.

Last Thursday, October 17th, several Atlantis sea-keepers took time out of their busy schedules to host “Aqua Talks,” to share information with guests, students and other colleagues.

Several primary school students also visited the resort to view the smalltooth sawfish species and learn more about the conservation of sawfish and other marine life.

Overfishing and habitat destruction has been the leading cause of sawfish depopulation and they are now extinct in countries where they were once common. Presently, there are five species of sawfish; two of which are endangered, and the remaining are critically endangered.

For more information on how you can help the near-extinct smalltooth sawfish species, visit

News date : 10/21/2019    Category : Animals/Pets, Press Releases

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