Ash Claims Pm's Words Sparked Death Threats

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October 10, 2019

BUSINESSMAN Jonathan Ash yesterday claimed that the prime minister’s pronouncements about his involvement in the Hurricane Matthew clean-up caused him to receive death threats and warnings to leave the country. Mr Ash testified in court that after the prime minister made his comments, one man in particular started sending him pictures of “dead people” and told him: “Bey we ga do this to you (sic).” Mr Ash said other men from various areas in New Providence, like the Nassau Village community, started to tell him that he had “better leave the island” and that he “better don’t let no one catch him”. Mr Ash’s statements were in response to a request from the jury for him to explain what he meant when he said he was “in fear” for his life while he allegedly paid former Cabinet minister Shane Gibson bribes to ensure he would be paid the $1m plus he was owed for hurricane clean-up work.

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News date : 10/10/2019    Category : Business, Court, Tribune Stories

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