VIDEO: Residents trapped in homes in Grand Bahama as Hurricane Dorian unleashes his fury

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September 02, 2019

Residents in Grand Bahama found themselves trapped in homes as Hurricane Dorian continued his sobering march through the Northwest Bahamas.

Monday, September 2, 2019, may go down as one of the longest days in Bahamian history. Persons all throughout the Bahama Islands and those who love us worldwide waited helplessly for news out of Grand Bahama after seeing the devastation Dorian left behind in The Abacos. At first the day seemed quiet.  Whereas Abaconians started sharing videos as soon as Dorian hit, it seemed Grand Bahama may have been faring better.  Many communities in East and West End had been ordered to evacuate but sadly it wasn't enough.

Hurricane Dorian brought copious amounts of rain and a storm surge that covered the land with flood waters of shocking depths. In the video below a resident of Grand Bahama is seen taking stock of the storm and the rising water levels.

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