Jay-Z, the NFL and change

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August 29, 2019

An interesting development took place recently in the United States – in a surprise move, rapper and businessman Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Sports will work with the league on social justice initiatives and entertainment programming, including the Super Bowl halftime show. The reactions have been mixed as some have accused him of being a sellout, while others have hailed him as a genius. The persons accusing him of selling out point to the fact that he supported Colin Kaepernick and once refused to perform during the Superbowl because Kaepernick was being excluded from the NFL due to his protests during the national anthem. While accepting his new assignment, Jay-Z has said “we have gone past kneeling”. Again, some were offended by his statement while others agreed that it was time to move on.

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News date : 08/29/2019    Category : Business, Sports, Nassau Guardian Stories

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