Beyond preaching, teaching and evangelism at 'The Gathering'

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July 25, 2019




At Global United Fellowship’s (GUF) “The Gathering 2019” – the first held outside of the United States, the goal was to examine what a healthy church is, as the fellowship came to grips with the fact that the culture of church is changing, particularly in the Western Hemisphere. With that, some of the weighty topics addressed at the sixth annual conference included: resurrecting the dying discipline of prayer; re-examining the biblical model; whether the way church is done should be rethought; developing effective servant leaders; the healthy pastor; evangelism as a means of spiritual warfare; traits of a vibrant congregation; and creating a culture of koinonia, a Christian fellowship or communion, with God, or more commonly with fellow Christians.

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News date : 07/25/2019    Category : Culture, Nassau Guardian Stories

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