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July 17, 2019

So I am very obese and cant run or even do a push up, how do I lose weight?

Great question, so based on last month’s fitness blog I highlighted two types of exercise that can help you to achieve your fitness goal. The topics that I’ve highlighted were Cardiovascular (or Cardio) exercise and Strength Training exercises. For someone that may be morbidly obese and can’t jog or do a push up. Its recommended that you at least start with walking. Start at half a mile of walking at least three times in a week. If and when half a mile starts to feel too easy, then congratulations few things has happened in with your body.

A) You’ve lost weight and your body becomes lighter so the exercises feel easier and/or
B) your body has become stronger from consistently using the same muscle groups

When this has happened, then you would have what I like to call it “graduated” on to the next level. Therefore when walking half a mile feels easy go on to walking a mile. Then when that becomes too easy start walking 2 miles and so on and so on. At this point with eating the right foods and staying consistent with your workouts you should have lost a significant amount of pounds that will allow you to now do more of the workouts you weren’t able to do before such as jogging or a push up.

Remember it is important that when you start exercising that you do not take more than 2 days break from workouts. Why? Because if you don’t stay consistent then the following tends to happen:

“ So exercise today because tomorrow may never come. “

  1. LAZINESS: starts to kick in and then the feeling of “I will go tomorrow” will play with your mind but unfortunately “you never live in tomorrow you only live in today”. So exercise as so much until it becomes apart of your weekly routine to do so. Because the minute you start saying “I will go tomorrow, I’ll go tomorrow” you would become so lax from not going, you won’t feel the need to exercise anymore so you end up back at square one.

  2. INFLAMMATION/SORENESS: can take effect once you take too long to exercise again. When you start to workout there’s a possibility that you will feel pain hours or even days after your workout. This is because muscles that you don’t normally use get activated and the soreness comes from you not using them in such a long time. Ever heard the saying the best way to get over a hangover is to keep drinking. Whilst that saying isn’t true using that same train of thought for working out is true. Keep on working out to keep the soreness away… 

    ” muscles can’t get sore if you keep working out more and more “

  3. SLOW DOWN OF METABOLISM: I will go in more detail in another blog as to what this is but to briefly inform you on what Metabolism is, it’s a process that happens in your body to convert food to energy, helps burn or break down food, especially fats in food and your body. Exercising develops an appetite that will make you want to eat more. This is a good thing as long as you’re eating the right things. You will develop a healthier appetite because your body will demand more fuel to keep you moving.

Therefore remember “CONSISTENCY IS KEY”. It is very important that you keep up with your workouts. Its like moving on to a new grade each year. However if you miss too many classes you will repeat. The key is that you always want to advance yourself and push your limits daily as it will make you stronger because repeating means your not progressing.

Any questions & inquiries feel free to email me at whatsapp: (242)-565-0552 also you can follow @ZamundaFitness on Instagram & Facebook (Insert link to apps here) And you will learn how to STAY LIT AND BE FIT!!!!

News date : 07/17/2019    Category : Education, Health

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