Time to be truly independent

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July 13, 2019

When I was much younger, there was a saying about “holdin’ on ter ya ma gown tail”. In more demeaning tones, it was said “under ya ma gown tail”. I knew what it meant then, and I wonder how many of us would understand that bit of Bahamianism today.

Since this country’s independence, nearly half a century ago, it seems that there is still a pervasive mentality of being attached to that colonial past; gown tail.

Sometimes I might say that we appear to be dragging “‘ol massa’s slippers”, but loose footwear like those may slip off, however unintentionally. No, being under the gown tail of ol’ misses seems more apt. It might be cool under there, or sometimes hot, but for sure there’s no light under those circumstances. So, the consecutive leaderships of this country for more than 40 years appear too blind to see or do things in an “independent” way.

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News date : 07/13/2019    Category : About Bahamians, Culture, Nassau Guardian Stories

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