Statement on CCCAN Water Polo Team

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July 11, 2019

The Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture is advised of information currently being circulated on social media regarding The Bahamas Water Polo team and its inability to qualify for the gold medal, as it was unable to remain in its hotel accommodations due to lack of funds to cover the full stay.

The Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture regrets that the Bahamas Water Polo team was unable to participate for the full competition in order to compete for the gold. The Ministry however, wishes to inform the general public that it is not aware of any request for additional funding from the Bahamas Aquatics Federation under which the Bahamas Water Polo team operates.

We due emphasize however the Ministry endeavors to provide balanced support for all registered and compliant Federations, and remains committed to providing technical support and/or financial subsidies when justified, warranted and within our financial constraints.

News date : 07/11/2019    Category : About Bahamians, Press Releases, Sports

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