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July 03, 2019

Are you Obese? How do you know you’re obese? How did we get to the state of obesity? What are the health Issues caused by obesity? What are the benefits of living a lifestyle away from Obesity?

One of the reasons why I started Zamunda Fitness and this blog is because its my goal to help make the Bahamas a healthier happier place in terms of health. Is its my purpose to help out as much people as I can just as I helped myself. We are ranked #21 out of 195 countries in the world in obesity. And that is something we need to fix. Charity starts at home we can only change the world for the better by first improving ourselves.

Are You Obese?  Or to make it simple Are you “fat”???

Other than the pretty obvious way of just looking at yourself, there is a medical way to know. Because in the Bahamas not everyone is seen as “fat” some are what we call “solid” “chubby” “only dog eat bone I need meat”. But if you check in with your doctor or with your fitness coach, they should be able to measure your BMI. BMI stand for body mass index which is a calculation of your weight to height ratio (Weight/height=BMI) to determine where your body is on the “obesity meter” (I made that up by the way).

If your BMI is over 30 then you’re are fat my friend sorry to tell you. Your goal BMI should be 30 and under but if you’re looking for that perfect body then you need to maintain a BMI of 18 – 25.

So at this point you should be able to determine if you are obese or not. If you are, its not the end of the world. As a matter of fact this calls for a new beginning. Lets start off by understanding how we got to the level of obesity or “fatness” to which 31% of Bahamians are today.

The number one reason why the Bahamas have a high rate of obesity is due to our poor cultural diet. Yup I said it “we eat too too bad”. Our diet comprise of lots of starch: peas n rice, crab n rice, macaroni, potato salad, etc; loads of fried food: fry plantains, fry eggs, fry fish, fry chicken, etc; On top of that we eat a whole lot of fast foods which has fries, fried chicken, deep fried nuggets, fried burgers, etc; and then the “pirates of the Caribbean” comes out of us because we like to drink. Sweet wine (sugar) henny (Hennessy – Sugar) add cran (MORE SUGAR) This is another topic for another day. But you see where I am going with this right?

Fried foods and especially deep-fried foods are usually cooked in OIL. (or ORL like the elder set does say). OIL = FAT. SUGAR if not dissolved from the body properly also = FAT. Protein + Fried in Oil = FAT.

So, all we consume is FAT and that is why obesity is no high in our country today.

So, if you eat and consume a lot of fat you become what you repeatedly consume.

“But I love my Tuna N Grits and I love my fried Food” “You telling me I have to quit all that” NOPE. You don’t have to quit and for you to cut off eating foods that you’ve been eating for years in couple days is possible but highly unlikely. So how do we fix this?

Easy! There are healthier alternatives to everything we eat. The Diagram below displays our typical Bahamian plate. Then also displayed is a healthier alternative.

As you can see that our usual starch intake is way too high on our plate. You don’t have to stop cold turkey what you are eating but you can lessen to the portions on your plate. Once you are disciplined enough to handle that then you can move on to even healthier options of eating your favorite meal. For example

So once you get to the point of eating less starch, you can now move on to healthier options as seen in the diagrams above. Instead of grits try sea moss or quinoa, instead of rice try cous-cous, instead of mashed potatoes try cauliflower mash or sweet potato mash. Still need that fried food fix in your life instead of using the generic oils, try coconut or olive oils instead. Also bare in mind you shouldn’t eat fried foods every day. However, it is important to eat the right portions of different food groups daily.

Next month we will touch base on how much times you should be eating in a day and why? So follow Zamunda Fitness on every month as I will put out information on nutrition and fitness to help you to achieve your fitness goal.


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And you will learn how to STAY LIT AND BE FIT!!!!

News date : 07/03/2019    Category : Environment, Health

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