Newly elected bar association real estate chair: Land reform top priority

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June 19, 2019

The newly elected chair of the Bahamas Bar Association’s real estate division, Sharlyn R. Smith, has vowed to use her post to address what she called “an urgent need for land reform and matters which impact land administration”.

Smith, who moved up from real estate vice chair in the 1,000-strong association of lawyers, has long been a proponent of land reform, including a system for land registration.

“We have not had any comprehensive changes in the laws related to the transfer of real property in over 100 years,” said Smith, a partner in Sharon Wilson & Co. “We have had laws relating to condominiums and timeshare, but we have not addressed the fundamental way in which we transfer real property rights in The Bahamas. Sometimes a buyer feels like she has to be an athlete to complete the journey of purchasing a single-family residence or duplex.

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News date : 06/19/2019    Category : Court, Home, Nassau Guardian Stories

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