Chelsea Manning Wikileaks source jailed for contempt is freed

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May 10, 2019

Manning, 31, was held for 62 days after a Virginia judge ordered her taken into custody in March.

However, she will have to appear again before a grand jury on 16 May.

Manning was found guilty in 2013 of charges including espionage for leaking secret military files to Wikileaks, but her sentence was later commuted.

She has refused to answer further questions about Wikileaks from investigators because she says she has already presented her testimony during her 2013 trial.

Her release on Thursday comes after the period during which she could be held for failing to give evidence expired.

"Today marked the expiration of the term of the grand jury, and so, after 62 days of confinement, Chelsea was released from the Alexandria Detention Center earlier today," her lawyers said in a statement.



News date : 05/10/2019    Category : World News

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