Lessons to be learnt from Nipsey Hussle

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April 18, 2019

Rapper Nipsey Hussle was killed recently in Los Angeles. His death reverberated through the hip hop and gang cultures and the worlds of many throughout the United States and indeed the world. After growing up as a gang member of the Crips in L.A., Hussle made it out of the “hood” and became a renowned rapper. He made it a point not to forget his roots and reached back to the community he grew up in and gave back through a number of efforts including establishing businesses in the community. He could have left the neighborhood and never looked back, but he tried to uplift his community. Just days before he died, he had even met with the police department to discuss ways of reducing gang violence. Nipsey died a noble and notable death trying to do good.

We should all strive to do the same whenever there is an opportunity. Every death is an opportunity to learn and grow and I would like to offer some lessons from his death.

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News date : 04/18/2019    Category : Music, Nassau Guardian Stories

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