Mission Educate Bahamas Donates a Library to Yellow Elder Primary

Fri, Mar 22nd 2019, 03:45 PM

We’re on a mission to help every child in The Bahamas excel in academics, and reach their true potential. Mission Educate Bahamas (MEB) is committed to significantly impacting, and improving the lives of our Nation’s children through education and increased literacy.

In fulfilment of this mandate, MEB donated a fully furnished library to Yellow Elder Primary School. A mere classroom was transformed into a state of the art library for its students to fall in love with reading, one story, one page at a time.

This project was completed through a partnership with Berkeley Preparatory School- a top Independent Private School in Tampa, Florida.

The space was outfitted and furnished by MEB, and Berkeley played a pivotal role through coordinating the book donations and subsequent organization of the library, as well as facilitating a teacher workshop at Yellow Elder Primary.

In total 17 Berkeley students, organized and labeled over 3,200 donated brand new books, the result of a schoolwide book drive, that made their way onto the newly erected bookshelves at Yellow Elder Primary School here in Nassau, Bahamas. The purpose of the workshop was to adequately train the newly appointed stewards of this treasure on how to manage common library procedures. It also focused on the overall benefits reading provides by improving literacy rates in the community, including the sheer joy that a love for reading provides for all, through support and enhanced learning.

We want to thank Courtney Walker and Buck Johnson and all of the students from Berkeley Preparatory School who lent a hand with this project. In addition, gratitude must be expressed to the Faculty and Staff at Yellow Elder Primary under the leadership of Principal Mrs. Armaly and Vice Principal Ms. Knowles for their trust and shared vision with MEB. It is our belief that accepting mediocrity is a thing of the past, and that the only way we can improve our Nation’s future is through education and literacy which all starts with reading.

About Mission Educate Bahamas:
Mission Educate Bahamas (MEB) is a locally registered, Not-For-Profit Organization. It was founded by Alexis and Paul Tsavoussis and was initially funded and continues to be by Wendy’s, Marco’s Pizza, and Popeyes in The Bahamas. It is the goal of “Mission: Educate Bahamas” to provide the key tools, and training necessary to effect change, and bring renewed hope and resources to our country’s deserving students, and educators.

Two female students enjoying reading the books donated by Berkeley Prep. Photo Credit- Shawn Hanna Photographer

“He has the whole world in his hands” . Photo Credit- Shawn Hanna Photographer

Group Photo of Mission Educate Bahamas, Berkeley Prep. School and Students of Yellow Elder Primary School- Photo Credit- Shawn Hanna Photographer

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