Central Police Station to get CCTV System

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June 14, 2010

NASSAU, The Bahamas --- The Government of The Bahamas has approved the expenditure of almost twenty-one thousand dollars for a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) System for Central Police Station in downtown Nassau, Minister of National Security, the Hon. O.A.T. “Tommy” Turnquest said.


Cost of purchase for the system is $20, 818.38.


Mr. Turnquest said CCTV Systems will also be installed in all Divisional Police Stations in the two major Bahamian islands.


He said the move will allow officers stationed at those facilities to “keep the cell block and other parts of the station under constant electronic watch.”


National security officials say plans are steadily progressing for the installation of additional CCTV systems in high crime areas, the business districts and “vulnerable places” as part of a more “aggressive approach” to crime fighting, detection and prevention.


“The network will allow the Police Force to keep a watchful eye on such places 24/7 and provide excellent evidential information for the apprehension and prosecution of criminals,” Mr. Turnquest added.


The installation of the system at Central Police Station is part of a broader government and Royal Bahamas Police Force effort to “improve custody suite management” at Police “lock-up” facilities throughout the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.


The measure follows two recent “escapes” from the lock-up facility within a four-week span, the most recent occurring last weekend.


Two on-duty officers face criminal charges in the first of the two most recent matters. An investigation is ongoing in the second matter.


“The Central Police Station matters have made clear the standard to which Officers of the Force will be held and the action that would be taken in the event of proven neglect, corruption or other wrongdoing,” Mr. Turnquest said.


“It has also made clear that additional security measures are needed, and is in keeping with the proposal to install CCTV in Divisional Police Stations in New Providence and Grand Bahama, in order to increase station safety and custody suite management,” Mr. Turnquest added.


The National Security Minister said a Request for Proposals (RPF) will be sent to prospective CCTV vendors with regards to the purchase of the systems for the remaining Divisional Police Stations in New Providence and Grand Bahama.


He said a number of “highly recommended” prospective consultants have been interviewed by the Steering Committee and a partnership of two experts selected.


“This team has worked on significant CCTV projects in the past,” Mr. Turnquest said. “It is expected that the consultants will commence work on June 30, 2010.”


Funding in the amount of $43,500 will be provided for the project from the Confiscated Assets Fund (CAF).


“It will be recalled that the Police Force is implementing the CCTV Project in cooperation with the private sector and that a Public/Private Sector Steering Committee is taking the matter forward,” Mr. Turnquest said.


Mr. Turnquest said the systems have “proven their value” by assisting law enforcement officials in the United Kingdom and the United States of America in uncovering terror plots.


“In The Bahamas, CCTV surveillance will provide intelligence of the kind that would permit the Police Force to identify and move resources quickly to crime hot-spots. We expect, therefore, that the CCTV network to be more than a crime prevention tool. It should also act as a deterrent to criminals and would be criminals,” Mr. Turnquest added.

News date : 06/14/2010    Category : Press Releases

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