UB Theatre Company's First Critically-Acclaimed Stage Play The Colored Museum

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February 27, 2019

The University of The Bahamas (UB) Theatre Company first theatrical production, The Colored Museum debuted on Tuesday, 26th February 2019.

Written in the late 1980s by African American playwright George Costello Wolfe, the eleven vignettes that make up the play explore themes of racism, stereotypes, intra-community conflicts in black culture, and the ongoing legacy of slavery and segregation.

The Colored Museum remains culturally relevant to The Bahamas and to the wider Black diasporic experience.

The Colored Museum is spearheaded by Dr. Craig Smith, Chair of English Studies (Director) who is assisted by Philippa Moss-Collie, Assistant Director, Business Enterprise (Stage Manager), Dr. Phillip Smith, Assistant Professor, English Studies (Stunt Coordinator) and advised by Dr. Nicolette Bethel, Chair of Social Sciences.

“The Colored Museum is a very important play which follows the journey of black people in the new world,” explains Smith.

He also suggests that the issues highlighted in the play, though set in The United States, are relevant to the black experience in general.

Smith notes that issues of “hair, sexuality, self-identification” are issues that we continue to struggle with in The Bahamas in 2019.

The UBTC’s production is expected to rival top American renditions of the stage play; while depicting the experiences of those who identify as a part of the African diaspora, the show is, nevertheless, expected to resonate with all audiences.

The formation of UBTC is a part of the push by English Studies to promote the importance of literature and cultural studies. The department hopes to attract more students interested in the dramatic arts who can now take minor courses in Film and Drama Studies.

“With UBTC and the minors, students will now be exposed to both the theoretical and the practical aspects of theatre,” says Smith.

The UB Theatre Company “will allow us to begin to provide students with the exposure and experience of being on stage and build that committed core of people that we want to bring into the theatre as we professionalize,” Bethel explains.

Telling relevant and moving stories through humor, music, imagery and sometimes caustic language, The Colored Museum is expected to delight the Bahamian public.

Tickets are available at Chapter One bookstore, University of The Bahamas Performing Arts Centre (PAC) Box Office and the Black Box Theatre. The play runs February 26th - March 3rd, 2019. For more information, call 302-4381. 

First reading for The Colored Museum at the Performing Arts Centre.

The Colored Museum Showtime Schedule.

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