Consolidated Water Bahamas Ltd. Announce Board Changes

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January 04, 2019

Consolidated Water Bahamas Ltd. (the "Company") a subsidiary of Consolidated Water Co. Ltd. (Nasdaq Global Select Market: CWCO), and a leading developer and operator of seawater desalination plants, today announced changes to their Board of Directors. Long serving Board member, Sir William C. Allen, K.C.M.G., BS, MA, JP, has resigned to pursue retirement interests and businessman Ethan W. Adderley has been appointed. The changes are effective as of year-end 2018.

Consolidated Water Bahamas Ltd. Board Chairman, Wilmer F. Pergande said that Sir William served with grace and dignity applying seasoned contributions and good judgment to the board’s tasks at hand.

“Sir William has been a very involved board member for all of his 14 years. We came to rely on his oft times exceptional counsel and good judgment in all matters related to the progress and care of board matters, the company, its people and shareholders.”

Mr. Pergande continued, “We work closely with the Water and Sewerage Corporation to develop solutions to improve the availability of potable water for residents in Nassau. And he recognised the importance of drinking water as a valuable component of nation building and furtherance for The Bahamas.

I think that’s why he made such a good and productive Board member. We warmly thank him for his contributions over 14 years and we will miss him at our meetings - but know he will answer, if we call.”

Mr. Pergande also announced that, effective December 2018, Ethan W. Adderley has been appointed to the Consolidated Water Bahamas Ltd. Board of Directors.

“The Board warmly welcomes local Bahamian businessman, Mr. Ethan Adderley.

We look forward to his contributions including his proven fresh, often innovative solution-based approach which will greatly assist us in our goal to expand our business beyond New Providence and the island of Bimini.

“We look forward to Mr. Adderley adding impetus to our efforts to increase Bahamian ownership in the company. Additionally, his local connections and views on community and government relations we feel will go a long way in helping us convert our current good relationship with the Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) and Central Government personnel, into an excellent one!

We have a committed Board team and I believe we will accomplish all matters arising on our 2019 agenda,” concluded Mr. Pergande, the Consolidated Water Bahamas Ltd. Board Chairman.

About Ethan Adderley

Mr. Adderley currently serves as Chairman of the Hotel Licensing Board – New Providence and Paradise Island, is a Board Member of the Bahamas Agricultural Industrial Corporation, a Member of the Bahamas Real Estate Association and Deputy Treasurer of the Free National Movement. He is a graduate of St. Anne’s High School ’84, with continued studies at University of The Bahamas (College of The Bahamas) in Electronics. Professional training for the next 30 years continued locally, regionally and internationally. He is an experienced sales and marketing professional. His career spans over twenty-five years with national and international companies in Life & Health Insurance, Estate Planning, Vacation Ownership and Real Estate Sales and Appraisals. Mr. Adderley has been engaged extensively in community service across the islands of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas and the Caribbean. His past and present memberships include, Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Foundation, Junior Achievement Bahamas, Rotary Club of South East Nassau, Club 1600 Toastmasters International, and Lodge Fort Nassau 1819SC.

Local businessman Ethan W. Adderley has been appointed to Consolidated Water Bahamas Ltd. Board of Directors.

About Consolidated Water Co. Ltd.
Consolidated Water Co. Ltd. develops and operates seawater desalination plants and water distribution systems in areas of the world where naturally occurring supplies of potable water are scarce. The Company operates water production and/or distribution facilities in the Cayman Islands, Belize, the British Virgin Islands, The Commonwealth of The Bahamas, and Bali, Indonesia. The Company also manufactures and services a wide range of products and provides design, engineering, management, operating and other services applicable to commercial and municipal water production, supply and treatment, and industrial water and wastewater treatment in the United States.

Consolidated Water Co. Ltd. is headquartered in George Town, Grand Cayman, in the Cayman Islands. The Company's ordinary (common) shares are traded on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the symbol "CWCO". Additional information on the Company is available on its website at

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