DQ's Miracle Treat Day Raises $10,500 for Kids with Hearing Impairment

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July 11, 2018

On June 21, thousands of miracle workers flooded the five DQ locations across New Providence to celebrate DQ’s fifth annual Miracle Treat Day, raising $10,500 for hearing impaired children in The Bahamas.

On Miracle Treat Day, DQ donates $2 from every blizzard treat sold to support local children in need.

Since 2014, DQ’s Miracle Treat Day has raised more than $50,000, helping to create miracles for children with cancer, diabetes, Autism and Down Syndrome. This year, the initiative supports The Red Cross Centre for Deaf Children.

“The students, their parents, the faculty and I were all so excited when we found out that we would be this year’s Miracle Treat Day recipients,” stated Sonja Rolle, Principal of the Red Cross Centre for Deaf Children. “Getting hearing aids for our students will tremendously improve the quality of learning in the classroom.”

The Red Cross Centre for Deaf Children was established in 1964. Its mandate is to provide a solid education for hearing-impaired children in The Bahamas. More than 40% of the students at the Centre are in need of hearing aids; however the high cost of the device makes it challenging for many families to provide this solution for their children once a diagnosis is made.

“The cost to provide a hearing aid for a child is approximately $1,000 per ear. Some can be significantly higher, up to $3,000.00 per hearing aid, depending upon the sophistication of the product,” stated Dr. Deborah Mackey-Nubirth, the Centre’s Audiologist.

DQ Bahamas received tremendous support from corporate Bahamas and the public, resulting in the second most successful Miracle Treat Day in the franchise’s history.

“Miracle Treat Day is a labour of love for us and each year we aim to build strong relationships with the non-profits we partner with, enhancing their ability to continue their important work in society,” stated DQ’s Derek Osborne. “Our efforts would be fruitless without the support of corporate Bahamas and the public who consistently open their hearts and support these worthy causes on Miracle Treat Day. We look forward to continuing this initiative and growing it for many years to come.”

DQ will host the sixth annual Miracle Treat Day Bahamas in summer 2019. Organizations wishing to pledge their support in advance may visit www.miracletreatday242.com or email DQ242MTD@gmail.com.

Say Blizzard! – DQ retail store manager Frankia Rolle is all smiles as she poses with her son Renold Zion Rolle on Miracle Treat Day, June 21. Zion, now 6 years old, was diagnosed with hearing impairment at the age of 5 and received a donation from DQ that assisted with his therapy.

Buy a Blizzard, Make a Miracle - Eager customers at Dairy Queen’s Harbour Bay location on Miracle Treat Day purchasing their favorite Blizzard Treat to support children with hearing impairment.

DQ Gives Back! - DQ's Derek Osborne presents Sonja Rolle, Principal of the Red Cross Centre for Deaf Children with a donation of more than $10,500, funds raised from DQ's annual Miracle Treat Day where $2 from every blizzard treat sold is donated to children in need. This year, the initiative benefitted children with hearing impairment. The pair is joined by students from the Red Cross Centre for Deaf Children, as well as Frankia Rolle, Manager at DQ Mall at Marathon (far left) and Crystal Campbell, DQ Operations Manager (far right).


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