Duho Launches Spring Collection

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May 28, 2018

Duho Books, the boutique press founded by Bahamian writer Wendy Coakley-Thompson has launched its Spring collection.Three new titles are now available on Amazon.com.  They include: The Left-Over Daughters by Grand Bahamian writer S. L. Sheppard; My Name Is Karma: Journey to the Truth by psychologist turned author, N.A. Cash; and the re-release of Coakley-Thompson’s acclaimed 2005 novel What You Won’t Do for Love.

 “This new collection of books represents continuations, as well as new beginnings,” said Coakley-Thompson. “And there is a running thread throughout all three of the books, which is the bonds of family in general and sisterhood in particular.”

S. L. Sheppard is new to the Duho lineup but is a seasoned writer of poems, short stories, plays, and novels. Her work has been published in magazines and anthologies in The Bahamas and the United Kingdom. She has received international awards from Australia, the U.S., England, and Ireland. Her debut novel, The Green Shutters, was chosen for the Bahamas Minister of Education Book Club. Her radio play Sisters was broadcast from Cool 96 Grand Bahama for twenty-eight episodes. Her Bahamian plays include Staff Room Gossip, The Woman from Nassau, You Never Go Back, With A Little Bit of Luck, Excess Baggage, Trapped in Marriage, Daddy’s Funeral, and In the Bedroom.

Coakley-Thompson leapt to sign Sheppard to the Duho family almost immediately after having read The Left-Over Daughters.

“Sheppard brings a fresh, original take to life in The Bahamas. Her story is set in Grand Bahama and tracks life in settlements before, during, and after so-called progress came to the island. Much of the fiction about The Bahamas that I'd previously read was set in Nassau. Sheppard also delves many of the cultural artifacts of Bahamian life, like sweethearting, Obeah, and the views of the roles of males and females in society. And let's just say that the recipe for coo coo soup and how it's used will have your mouth hanging open in shock!’ said Coakley-Thompson.


The Left-Over Daughters weaves a beguiling tale of the stunningly beautiful Petra, her fiancé Julius Johnson, and his Obeah-wielding sweetheart Annie. When Julius marries Petra, Annie launches begins a lifelong campaign of torment on them and their daughters that leads to a devastating denouement.

“I got the idea from reports I heard from friends about families that had had spells imposed upon them and how they coped with their misfortunes. I have always wanted to write a book about Grand Bahama stories,” Sheppard said.



N.A. Cash’s sophomore novel, My Name Is Karma: Journey to the Truth,  continues the story of Karma Patel in the wake of her discovery of her gifts and the traumatic events that led to the loss of and reconnection with family members.  Karma goes on a journey to discover the truth behind her mysterious powers and, more importantly, behind the man who sought to destroy her and everything she loves. This voyage pulls her further from her life of normalcy and portends intense joys and sorrows, leading her, once again, to question whether she will use her gifts for the good of all…or for a more sinister purpose.

Cash is excited for readers to join Karma in her journey and find meaning in her struggle.
“I hope readers would understand that life is uncontrollable and sometimes painful, but it's all a part of our journeys to become who we are meant to be. I believe that the most growth we experience comes from the rough patches and the times in life where things may not go as we planned or as we want them to. Experiencing these moments, however, and learning the lessons and how to overcome them, make us our best selves,” explains Cash.
The third book in the Spring collection is Coakley-Thompson’s own What You Won’t Do For Love, a re-release of her second novel, which was optioned for cable television. This story follows Chaney Braxton from New York to Washington, D.C. after a failed engagement and a partnership in a new e-learning firm. She is not at all in the mood for romance but when Chaney meets half black, half Korean veterinarian 24-year old Devin Rhym, she can’t help being impressed with his knowledge and his soothing demeanor—not to mention his exotic good looks. As they embark on a relationship, other areas of their lives start to unravel. From family drama, career trouble, and some heart wrenching losses—to an unplanned surprise neither had bargained for—the unlikely lovers are forced to find solutions while finding each other. In the process, they may just find themselves.

Reminiscent of Coakley-Thompson’s previous Duho release Back to Life, the prevailing theme of What You Won’t Do For Love is the extraordinary power of love.
“I think that the message of What You Won't Do For Love is in the title: LOVE. Once Chaney realizes that the six-year age difference between Devin and her is nothing, she opens herself up to the prospect of fuller, happy life after having experienced a devastating childhood loss. But the novel is a story of the love between the families that both you and biology create. It shows the complexities of love between brothers, sisters, and parents. The story shows that life is so flimsy. In an instant, it could be shattered beyond repair. Love is that connective tissue that holds it all together.”

These new titles, as well as previous novels from Duho Books, are currently available on Amazon.com, via other e-book sellers, as well as at Baker and Taylor, Ingram, and Barnes and Noble. For more information, visit Duho Books on Facebook and at duhobooks.com.

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