A Second Opinion Can Make the Difference

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May 16, 2018

Patients diagnosed with a potentially life-threatening illness or condition, may want to seek a specialist’s second opinion to ensure the validity of the initial diagnosis and the best course of treatment.

Sometimes a patient may want a second opinion when they’re just not feeling well and believe he or she might be suffering from a condition that has not been detected or properly diagnosed.

Obtaining a second opinion can provide a patient the peace of mind needed to assuage any fears they may have about their health.

Many local patients travel to Cleveland Clinic in Florida and Ohio for a second opinion or for treatment in any one of the hospital system’s specialty areas.

Cleveland Clinic is a top ranked U.S. health system holding the No. 1 rank in cardiology and heart surgery since 1995.

Other specialty programs include cancer, digestive disease, urology, orthopedics, neurology and neurosurgery, among others.

Scheduling the visit and travel to the Cleveland Clinic Florida or Ohio campus is just a phone call away.

Cleveland Clinic’s Global Patient Services(GPS), is a full-service department designed to meet the unique needs and requirements of international patients, serving nearly 8,000 patients in more than 90 countries each year.

Multilingual staff understands that medical trips can be stressful and do everything possible to make each patient and their family feel at ease.

"When a patient is looking to come to Cleveland Clinic, whether through a referral or of their own accord, we receive a call or email and a GPS representative contacts them to help coordinate visits and appointments for patients seeking to obtain health services and facilitate second opinion referrals from local doctors for their patients," says Ana Luisa Uria, Director of Caribbean Business Development.

"Cleveland Clinic also collaborates with healthcare organizations around the world, developing and optimizing medical practices that improve health services and elevate the patient experience."

Once the patient is registered, a patient service coordinator receives all medical records and can make recommendations for translation services if necessary, and also recommend travel and accommodations for visiting patients.

When the person arrives at Cleveland Clinic, a Global Patient Services representative will assist during the visit.

"Making patients feel special at this critical time is our main priority. When we are able to address their medical concern with compassion and recommend the very best course of treatment available, we know we have done our job," adds Uria.

To schedule a visit, contact Global Patient Services at +1 (954) 659-5080.

News date : 05/16/2018    Category : Health, Press Releases

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