MoVi Aids ABC Network in Ex-Governor Chris Christie Interview

Tue, Mar 27th 2018, 01:28 PM

Former New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie had his Bahamas vacation interrupted recently when ABC TV News contacted Burton Wallace of the MoVi Group, to record a live interview with the visiting Republican at Atlantis Paradise Island resort for a global networked Sunday morning TV show.

Chris Christie, known for his ‘no holds barred’ approach when asked his opinion, now works for ABC TV as a political pundit.

He is an acknowledged friend, advisor and supporter of Donald Trump. MoVi production department facilitated the live stream feed of the Chris Christie interview by TV show host, Fareed Zakaria on the firing of Andrew McCabe, the former FBI deputy director and a frequent negative target of Donald Trump Tweets; show host Zakaria had requested a notable Trump supporter to speak to the merit of the firing and the former Republican Governor fit the bill, but was on vacation at Atlantis in The Bahamas.

MoVi, the leading sound, lighting and stage and film production house in The Bahamas, has worked on several occasions for ABC Network Television, so Wallace wasn’t too surprised to get a late night call for an early morning shoot for the following day.

“Whenever ABC or any of the other networks come to The Bahamas they call us to work with them. So I wasn’t too surprised when I got a call booking us for a 6:00 a.m. live- stream shoot over at Atlantis,” said the MoVi founder and Leads/Operations Manager.

“We have the production talent, equipment and experience they need – it saves them time and money using Bahamians instead of importing their own equipment and people.

Having assets here – the right equipment and experienced trained personnel - makes The Bahamas a very convenient shoot location for overseas TV News outlets, and visiting event and destination management companies,” said Mr. Wallace. #

Who You Gonna Call? Bahamian talent saved the day for ABC Television when they needed to conduct an urgent interview in Nassau. They called MoVi who facilitated the live-stream feed to ABC Television in New York from Atlantis. L to R: Burton Wallace on camera with former New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie. (photo: MoVi)

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