Ambitious Road paving Schedules Underway

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March 22, 2018

The Government’s “ambitious” road paving schedule is in progress. In his mid-term budget contribution, Public Works Minister the Hon. Desmond Bannister told Parliamentarians that East Bay Street, Village Road, Tonique Williams Darling Highway, Soldier Road, Eastern Road, Culbert’s Hill, Nassau Street, Blake Road, West Bay Street and Farrington Road are included in the schedule of paving locations by Bahamix, the government’s road paving agency.

Streets in Pinewood Gardens and Vinspen Road will also be paved during the current budget cycle should funding permit and full cooperation is received from utility companies.

“I want colleagues to know that we do have their requests in hand, but the paving process is not as simple as going out and putting asphalt on the road.

Engineers in our Civil design section have to complete a number of measurements and complex calculations. They have to consider terrain and soil conditions; utilities; drainage capabilities; traffic volume; the ratio of cars to other types of vehicles; and numerous other factors including costing before the paving process can begin. Then the Ministry has to determine whether it is within our budget for the current year,” said Minister Bannister.

The breakdown of the schedule and projected cost is as follows:

-East Bay Street from the eastern bridge to ERA Dupuch Real Estate. Projected cost: $ 587,021.19

-Village Road from Montagu Circle to the Wulff Road junction. Projected cost: $396,594.00

-Tonique Williams Darling Highway from Christie Ave. to the New Bethel roundabout. Projected cost: $372,288.50 *

-Soldier Road from Baillou Hill Road to Wulff Road. Projected cost $1,592,694.30.

-Eastern Road from East Bay Street junction to Johnson Road: $405,050.79

-Culbert’s Hill. Projected cost: $474,656.62

-Nassau Street from West Bay Street to the Roundabout. Projected cost: $513,336.50

Paving of Farrington Road from the six-legged roundabout to Boyd Road is in progress. Projected cost: $728, 135.82.

Minister Bannister said Farrington Road is about halfway completed although a number of challenges were experienced including lots of dust and delays when the weather adversely impacted the back paving. He said a water truck is now being utilized together with some revolutionary dust control methods, and the back paving was redone.

By Kathryn Campbell

News date : 03/22/2018    Category : Press Releases, Roadwork

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