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March 12, 2018

Consolidated Water Corporation (CWCO) Bahamas, Ltd. recently donated to the Royal Bahamas Police Force Dependants’ Trust, which assists the school-age dependants of police officers who have died or become incapacitated as a result of injuries sustained during the course of duty.

Trust Administrative Assistant Maria C. Johnson said the money will mostly go towards tuition. “School fees are extremely high.

A number of these children would not do as well in a classroom of 40, 45 students. They need a smaller classroom where they will focus, so they have to attend a private institution.

That’s money. The Trust has been established to assist those people up to age 18.

It’s all about helping our own Bahamian people. It’s funded through the generosity of corporate citizens like CWCO, individuals, and the founder.

“The police force is quite an interesting operation. We on the outside don’t know the half of it. The Trust is a worthy cause, more than anything else.

It is helping the loved ones of those who help us every day – some of whom have died protecting us as citizens.”

CWCO began its sponsorship of the Trust two years ago. “We’ve supported them [the Trust] the best we can,” said General Manager Bryan Russell.

“We’re happy to be a part of it because often people want to complain about crime and the police without really understanding what they go through. They provide an extremely valuable service for our community, and without them there would be anarchy.”

The Trust currently supports 18 dependants, according to Johnson. “In most cases, they’re dealing with the loss of the father. We lost a female police officer a couple of weeks ago.

“Before that, everything had been routine – we had no new dependants, which means there had been no new deaths. The officer that died had one or two children, so more than likely an application will be made to the Trust very soon.” ##

The Royal Bahamas Police Force Dependants’ Trust was established in 1993 and relies on community assistance to fulfil their purpose – creating avenues for the children of officers who have passed or become disabled in the line of duty. “We’re gratified to make this donation,” said Consolidated Water Corporation (CWCO) General Manager Bryan Russell, “and hopefully in the future we’ll be able to do something more substantial as well.” L to R: Jeffrey Burrows, CWCO Operations Manager; Maria C. Johnson, Royal Bahamas Police Dependants’ Trust Administrative Assistant; Welliya Cargill, CWCO Accounts Manager; and Bryan Russell, CWCO General Manager. (Photo credit: Serena Williams PR)

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