Nurse says Atlantis drowning victim “did not have to die”

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April 11, 2011

A story from The Vancouver Sun casts a bad light on the Atlantis Resort, describing a tragic scene that led to a drowned five-year-old girl and a frustrated nurse that is certain the child did not have to die.

When Toni Randall saw a small child being carried from the water she rushed over to help. Randall, a critical care nurse from Flushing, Michigan, was on vacation.

She began mouth-to-mouth breathing before an Atlantis lifegaurd came over and began CPR. Randall said because the little girl - Brooklyn Rattai - had a pulse, CPR was not necessary and caused Brooklyn to vomit.

An emergency room doctor - from Ann Arbor, Michigan - also came to help, trying to clear the girl’s airway. When that failed Randall went back to rescue breathing.

Soon after that, Randall said a group of lifeguards arrived, some performing CPR but nobody checking for a pulse or turning Brooklyn on her side to stop water from going into her lungs.

Despite protests from the girl’s family, the lifeguards pushed nurse Randall and the ER doctor out of the way and blocked them with a barricade of poles and towels. Randall estimates the lifeguards were between 17 and 22 years old.

Randall said although she told the staff her support training and nursing license were in her room they said her documents were not valid in The Bahamas and to stay back or they would call the police.

Brooklyn’s family was yelling at the staff to let the doctor and nurse help but were ignored.

Atlantis issued a written statement confirming a “drowning incident” of a five-year-old.

Click here to read the whole story in the Vancouver Sun, including some of the other mistakes Randall feels were made and why it's so important they be corrected.

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News date : 04/11/2011    Category : Accident/Emergency

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anonomiys  Fri, 2011/07/15 - 03:32 PM

hes such an idiot iwould have pushed him in the pool and told him to get out of the way i bet u he wouldnt have noticed in the first place is he blind or something SHES A DOCTOR AND A NURSE HURRY UP AND LeT HER through

anonomiys  Fri, 2011/07/15 - 03:33 PM

hahah i was just kiding bout the last 1 but shes right she shouldnt have died poor little girl