CGI to host Hurricane Preparedness Exposition

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February 22, 2018

For nearly a decade, insurance giant Colonial Group International (CGI), a Bermuda-based insurance conglomerate with global operations, has taken the terms ‘disaster preparedness’ and ‘customer service’ to a higher level with its “Temporary, Portable, Post-Disaster Business Continuity Office Facility” (TPPBCOF) for its Bahamian clients.

The Facility allows the insurance provider to open its doors to customers within 36 hours of a natural disaster with up to 30 agents ready and available to accept claims, process cheques and provide accessibility to funds.

Beneficiaries of the TPPBCOF programme will be customers of the three insurance providers which fall under the CGI umbrella: Security & General Insurance, Atlantic Medical Insurance and Colonial Pension Services (Bahamas).

On Monday, February 26, 2018 between the hours of 10am – 2pm, the general public is invited to an open-house business interruption exercise. The event will expose the Facility in its fullest capacity with giveaways for attendees.

According to CGI’S Vice President of Property and Casualty for the Caribbean Region, Marlon Graham, the idea for the facility was born to service clients in hurricane-prone countries. “We call it a “business interruption exercise“, explains Graham.

“In any event that our offices that are in trouble after an event - whether it be catastrophic hurricanes, fire, flood – our clients will be serviced from this Facility within 36 hours of the disaster.

“It’s a place where you can come and bring your claims and get your money to start rebuilding.

We want to make sure that our clients are well taken care of immediately after a disaster.”

The TPPBCOF three-unit-facility is a stand-alone, self-sufficient facility with its own power generation equipment, along with an air handling and control system.

Customers can be serviced in the comfort of a clean, cool environment, where there is a minimum of 12 fresh air changes per hour and an air conditioning system.

General Manger of Security and General Insurance, Paulette Turner, says the event on February 26 will be one that the general public will find to be an interesting experience. “Our business units will all be set up,” Turner says.

“Anybody doing business with CGI on that day, can do their business in the Facility. People will get a glimpse into how the Facility will operate after an actual disaster.

You will see a full office in terms of tables, desks, computers, laptops, phones and printers.

“Our clients will see that our phones and our systems will remain up and running in the time of disasters.

People may think that information will be lost or that it will take time, but they will have access to everything because we have a backup system. Once our Facility is set up, everything will be made available at their fingertips.”

The exercise will also act as a form of on-going training for CGI employees to ensure that they are prepared to serve clients efficiently when the Facility has to be put into use.

The Facility falls in line with CGI’s mandate to be a trust-worthy company offering value-for-money cover and first-class customer care.

“Whatever happens, we are not going anywhere,” says Graham. “Whether it is in our office or in our Facility, we will always be prepared, ready and available for our clients.”

With equity in excess of $240 million, CGI manages over $350 million in premium income as well as circa $680 million of pension assets, taking in over $75 million in pension contributions annually.

News date : 02/22/2018    Category : About Bahamians, Business, Press Releases

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