Community Supports President's Gala Soiree and Students Scholarships

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November 13, 2017

The first person in a family to earn a university degree has a transformational impact that extends beyond the individual. It positively impacts that socio-economic prospects of that family and ultimately the wider community.

This is the objective around which the public and private sector rallied on Saturday night at the University of The Bahamas President's Gala Soiree. The elegant celebration of the first anniversary of UB was held at the Harry C. Moore Library and Information Centre.

The goal was to raise $500K to fund endowed scholarships for first generation university students. UB faculty, staff, alumni and friends joined students and donors for the splendid affair.

President Dr. Rodney D. Smith thanked the donors for their philanthropy and profound support of UB students while Mark Roberts, Dirk Saunders of IL Cares, Sharlyn Wilson, representing Sharon Wilson & Co. and Damian Blackburn of Aliv toasted to the University’s anniversary and the occasion.

The gala soiree was the first major signature fundraiser of UB.

News date : 11/13/2017    Category : About Bahamians, Community/Charity, Education, Press Releases

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