Sustainable Energy Consortium welcomes working with Government

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October 12, 2017

Sustainable Energy, a consortium that includes Alternative Power Supply, said today they welcome the opportunity to work with the Bahamas government to find the best solutions for the energy crisis that will include renewables in the mix.

The statement followed a report in a daily newspaper quoting a company that had the same initials as Alternative Power Supply and was quoted as saying “government must get out of the way” if renewables are the way forward.

“Energy supply and distribution are very complex matters.

There is no single or simple solution and it is essential to work cooperatively and in partnership with stakeholders,” said Philip Holdom, co-founder of Sustainable Energy Bahamas and president and founder of Alternative Power Supply.

Sustainable Energy and Alternative Power Supply both welcome the opportunity to work with government to find environmentally friendly solutions that will produce reliable and consistent energy at reasonable prices for the consumer.”

Holdom has been working with renewables, both wind and solar, for nearly three decades.

The new consortium that includes others with experience in the field recently donated a solar system to BTVI where Holdom has designed the curriculum leading to various levels of certification for solar installation and maintenance.

News date : 10/12/2017    Category : About Bahamians, Environment, Press Releases

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