Teachers in 'drugged schoolgirl' sex probe

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May 07, 2010

FREEPORT, Grand Bahama - Two male teachers at Jack Hayward High in Grand Bahama have been put on administrative leave as Ministry officials investigate reports that they both "drugged" and had sexual intercourse with a 12th grade female student.

The two male teachers, one a Bahamian and the other a Jamaican, are also alleged to have engaged in sexual relations with the same student during the Hugh Campbell Basketball Tournament earlier in February.

According to information received by The Tribune, the affair only came to light after other students at the school posted reports of the alleged event on the popular social website Facebook.

The Director of Education Lionel Sands said that the female student in question is currently receiving counseling in Grand Bahama. As for the teachers, who both have been at the school for almost seven years, the director said that they are not in police custody, but are being required to report to District Superintendent Hezekiah Dean every morning.

While Mr Sands admits that it appears that this student had a "familiar" relationship with at least one of these teachers, the Ministry can only prove their involvement from February of this year.

According to a ministry internal document outlining the first reported incident, both male teachers were in New Providence for the Hugh Campbell basketball tournament from February 19 to the 22nd. Occupying room M704 at Crystal Palace, it is alleged that the Bahamian teacher is reported to have had sexual intercourse with the female student while the other teacher "pretended" to be asleep in the other bed.

"Further, the female student continued that after (teacher's name omitted) completed sexual intercourse with her and went into the bathroom, Mr (name omitted) got up and asked if he could join the party. She became angry and attempted to leave the room but was restrained by Mr (name omitted).

"The following day (Saturday 20th February, 2010), (both teachers) moved out of room M704 and the student remained there alone until she was collected by her father on Sunday, February 21, 2010," the internal document read.

Both teachers were invited to be interviewed by the Ministry's Sexual Complaints Unit and their team of investigators. However, they both declined.

In April of this year, the two male teachers were again alleged to have had sexual relations with the 12th grade, 17-year-old student after reportedly taking her and another female student off the school's grounds. Click here to read more in The Tribune Click here to read more in The Nassau Guardian

News date : 05/07/2010

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