If you can't sing, whistle

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September 18, 2017

I know that some people when they hear a really catchy, popular tune, like to sing along with it; however, if they don't have a very good voice perhaps they're a bit ashamed to sing if there are others present. Well then, as the title of this article puts it 'If You Can't Sing, Whistle'. So D. Paul let's get this straight, is this article going to be dealing with how to be a whistler or performer on stage? No it's not. So why the title 'If You Can't Sing, Whistle' you may query?
Well it's an analogy for what actually happens or should happen in life relative to one's occupation, one's career. Sometimes we may get jealous of a Brother, Sister, or Friend who is pursuing a particular career, Doctor, Engineer, etc. for which we do not seem to have the talents nor inclination to pursue. So what? Afterall The Creator made us all as Unique Individuals with Special Talents with which to succeed in life.
Dr. Deepak Chopra states in one of his books that there is no one else in the whole world who is exactly like you. So you have some very Unique Talents with which to succeed and shine. You don't have to just follow others and try to imitate what they do, for you have something very special within you which when discovered, polished and refined can take you literally anywhere you want to go.
Yes indeed, 'If You Can't Sing, Whistle' is just an analogy to bring to your attention The Fact, that there's no need for you to try to copy what others are doing for you can do your own thing, the thing which God gave you which is unique to you and will assist you to stand out in 'The Crowd', shine and succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

o Think about it!
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