Election 2022 is a long way away

Mon, Aug 21st 2017, 11:11 AM

Dear Editor,

Diehard PLPs who were riding the gravy train of the Christie administration are so incensed that their party lost the government on May 10, that they have resorted to consoling themselves by saying that the year 2022 is not a long way away. They are assuming that the PLP will automatically regain the government, without the slightest commiseration for the untold pain and hurt it caused this country. One just cannot take for granted an election victory. Besides, all the FNM has to do is to remind the Bahamian electorate about the many alleged cases of corruption and malfeasance which happened between 2012 and 2017.
What has helped the FNM is the PLP's stubborn refusal to admit to any wrongdoing. The Whistleblower believes that one of the main reasons for the alleged systemic corruption within the Christie government was the party's grave miscalculation of the political climate in the country, along with its arrogant underestimation of the FNM under Dr. Hubert Minnis. Christie and co. really thought that they were going to win.
The FNM has been in power now for a little over three months. To the diehard PLP, this means that there are only 57 months to go, as if that is a short time. However, no matter how one slices it, 57 months is a darn long time. In politics, that is a lifetime. Fifty-seven months means that the FNM has another four years and nine months, or 1,735 days, or 41,641 hours, to govern before another general election is held. Between then and now, the highly anticipated FIFA World Cup Soccer tournament will be held in Russia in 2018, and the next Summer Olympic Games will be held in Japan in 2020 - two years before the Bahamian general election. Until then, PLPs had better suck it up and accept the fact that Dr. Hubert Minnis is their PM. In 2022, PLP Leader Philip Brave Davis will be 71; Senator Fred Mitchell will be closing in on 69. With his wealth and savvy, Davis has a stranglehold on the PLP leadership. As for Mitchell, he obviously wants to continue travelling around the globe at the expense of Bahamian taxpayers. As it stands right now, it's not looking good for the PLP for the foreseeable future. The party is at rock-bottom. The PLP will be led by two old men who were senior members of the Christie Cabinet over the next 57 months, or 1,735 days, or 41,641 hours. Now that is a darn long time.

- The Whistleblower

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