CCA still silent on if it will meet October 15 Baha Mar deadline

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August 18, 2017

With only two and a half months left before the SLS at Baha Mar is scheduled to open, it is still not yet known whether China Construction America will meet its October 15 deadline to have construction completed.
The contractor of record for the mega-resort project has stated that, due to a held-up order of lounge chairs it would not be able to meet the deadline. The lounge chair issue is part of litigation proceedings being carried out in Florida courts.
Both CCA and the government have been silent on the issue since the matter was brought to public attention in the media.
However, Baha Mar executives seem certain that both the SLS and Rosewood hotels will open on time, according to both on and off-the-record comments.
CCA has been silent on the issue, releasing a statement only to say that, "CCA has no further comment outside of what was documented in the filings in South Florida."
The minister responsible for overseeing matters to do with the construction sector, Minister of Public Works Desmond Bannister, told Guardian Business recently that he does have not oversight of the project.
It is understood that the Office of the Prime Minister deals directly with matters associated with Baha Mar, and according to Press Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister Anthony Newbold, the prime minister simply wants the resort opened "as soon as possible".
Baha Mar is continuing along with its business of hiring and building out its operations, as CCA is silent over whether or not there is a hold up in its ability to deliver a complete Baha Mar on time.

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News date : 08/18/2017    Category : Business, Nassau Guardian Stories

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