Letter: URCA - me thinketh thou protest too much!

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March 18, 2011

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Instead of URCA issuing press releases, in the spirit and intent of competition and regulation, transparency, non-discrimination and all the good stuff that URCA espouses, they should hold a press conference and open themselves up to questions from the press/public.

The Commissioners and Executive Management who are well paid and remunerated should be required to face the music. Not hide behind paper. Too whom much is given, much is expected. URCA's professionalism has been called into question, by hiring a consultant who is foreign-based and who is unable to keep her public profile up-to-date. But yet is advising on human resourcing. She neglected to maintain her ow ...

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News date : 03/18/2011    Category : Tribune Stories

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