Bermudian fugitive waives extradition hearing

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June 30, 2017

A 46-year-old Bermudian who was arrested in Mayaguana on Monday waived an extradition hearing and agreed to return home to face trial on charges of possession of cocaine with intent to supply and conspiracy to import cocaine.
Rudolph Travers Clarke will remain on remand at the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services until the Ministry of Foreign Affairs completes the paperwork to facilitate his surrender.
Clarke appeared before Magistrate Samuel McKinney on an arrest warrant for the extradition request.
After requesting a brief adjournment to consult with his client, attorney Ian Cargill said, "We are going to dispense with formalities, the fugitive is waiving his rights and agrees to return to Bermuda."
Viola Barnett, a lawyer in the Office of the Attorney General who appeared on behalf of the requesting state, said that the Extradition Act required that consent to surrender be in writing. That is expected to take place today.
McKinney told Clarke that he would be detained at the prison until his extradition was formalized.
Cargill asked that the matter be expedited, as a desire not to spend a prolonged period at the prison factored into Clarke's decision to waive his right to extradition.
Bartlett said that she was unable to guarantee a timeline for the surrender, as it was the responsibility of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
A fixture for the matter has been set for 1 p.m. on July 5.
Clarke was jailed in New York in 2012 for his part in a $3.9 million heroin importation plot.

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News date : 06/30/2017    Category : Nassau Guardian Stories

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