Leno Corporate Services becomes BISX sponsor member

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June 22, 2017

The Bahamas International Securities Exchange (BISX) is pleased to announce that Leno Corporate Services Limited has become a BISX sponsor member. Leno Corporate Services Limited has become the sixth BISX sponsor member, which are listing agents that bring mutual funds to the exchange,
They serve the valuable function of carrying out a primary review of mutual funds seeking a listing on the exchange.
Speaking on the addition of Leno as a sponsor member, Keith Davies, BISX's chief executive officer, stated "We are extremely pleased that Leno decided to add this new service to their product offerings. Leno joined BISX as a broker member in 2014 and since that time we have seen them evolve and grow to offer multiple new business lines. We eagerly anticipate Leno bringing mutual funds to the exchange."
Sean K. Longley, president of Leno, stated "Becoming a BISX sponsor member is another milestone and a proud moment for Leno. This important step reflects our commitment to the industry as a financial services provider both locally and internationally. Our intention is to contribute to the further growth of the financial services sector with our new ability to list mutual funds on the exchange while doing our part to enhance the industry."
Leno has successfully introduced a few local mutual funds and is currently in the process of finalizing one of three international funds that will eventually be listed on the exchange.
"Leno has always believed in growing the pension and investment industry with diverse product offerings. Given the impact we have made over our
seven years, Leno will always embrace our role and responsibility to grow with our ever-changing industry in an appropriate and professional manner," noted Longley.
He went on to say that "Leno's focus remains on providing financial and investment services that add value to our domestic and international clients. We are proud of the impact we have made in the various areas of pension investment management services, corporate services, and wealth management. Though Leno has grown, our business model still embodies the investment boutique philosophy that we started with years ago - professional service with a personal touch. It is our belief towards adding value and our unwavering commitment to our clients that will continue to guide our growth over the years to come"
BISX's mutual fund listing facility recently surpassed fifty fund listings with a mixture of domestic and local funds. Domestic and international investors have benefited from the increased transparency and regulation that comes from a listing on a recognized stock exchange. The mutual fund listing facility includes funds as diverse as segregated account companies, limited duration companies and investment condominiums.

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