The PLP hired security officer to watch police station GTHOH

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June 09, 2017

Dear Editor,
The Minister of State for Public Service and National Insurance Brensil Rolle revealed to the House during the budget debate that the PLP added 6,500 persons to the already bloated civil service between 2012-2017. In the waning months of its tenure in office the Christie regime increased the government payroll by $10 million. Forty-one persons on Acklins, which is a part of MICAL, were hired. According to Rolle, one of the hires' job description was to watch a police station as a security guard. I am hearing that this took place in Acklins, which is a part of MICAL -- an area once represented by V. Alfred Gray, a former PLP Cabinet minister. The fact that 41 persons were hired on Acklins alone underscores the high level of desperation within the PLP, which was tottering on the edge of a landslide election defeat.
The PLP was well aware that Gray was in deep trouble in his constituency and was in grave danger of losing to the FNM's Miriam Reckley-Emmanuel. Gray fell out of favor with his constituents when he interfered with a judicial matter and got off scot-free when Allyson Maynard-Gibson, former attorney general, refused to reprimand her PLP colleague. The PLP operated above the law. But seriously folks, who ever heard of an unarmed security officer watching a police station with armed officers? That makes as much sense as hiring security guards to police the violent, crime infested over the hill communities at night.
To the PLP regarding this odd and hilarious hiring, the Whistleblower will simply say GTHOH, which is an Internet slang acronym for get the hell out of here. The Bahamian people said as much on May 10.

- The Whistleblower

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News date : 06/09/2017    Category : Letters, Nassau Guardian Stories

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