Aliv to take its advertising digital on buses

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June 01, 2017

Aliv has entered into a three-year relationship with TAHM Management & Marketing Consultants to provide digital advertising along nine bus routes on New Providence. Buses will also be outfitted with WIFI.
Chief Aliv Champion Johnny Ingle said the partnership with TAHM is a very important one for Aliv because it will allow the company to reach thousands of people per day.
"This is an extremely important partnership for us because we're trying to bring The Bahamas Aliv and the best way to do that is where people can see us every day, as they go about their business," said Ingle.
Aliv will have exclusivity on digital media and content on 30 public transport buses along nine bus routes and will be able to run Aliv digital media and content exclusively on these bus routes, Ingle said at the press conference to announce the partnership.
TAHM executive Marc Hohnstein said the company's new marketing scheme will push Aliv across the map, adding that his company intends to expand the number of buses utilizing digital marketing to between 50 and 60 buses by year-end.
"The more we move ahead, the more they (Aliv) will move along with us," Hohnstein said.
Another TAHM executive, Ray Thompson, said the digital marketing and digital advertising will be able to be directed at a particular customer base.
"With the buses you've got a captive audience of over 100,000 viewers per month," he said.
Hohnstein added: "Digital marketing allows you to advertise straight into the target group, where usually the paper version does not reach the client."
He said TAHM will also be implementing free standing platforms equipped with monitors.
Ingle said this initiative will be a first in The Bahamas, because "Aliv likes to bring firsts".
"Just pushing out an ad does not engage someone," said Ingle. "The premise of our brand is to create meaningful experiences for our customers."

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News date : 06/01/2017    Category : Business, Nassau Guardian Stories

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