700 Wines and Spirits Turns One

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May 18, 2017

The Bahamas’ largest and oldest wines and spirits distributor, Commonwealth Brewery Limited, announced one year ago a total revision of its retail brand, unveiling the new identity and name 700 Wines & Spirits.

“700 Wines & Spirits enables the way we celebrate every day, mark special occasions and toast our successes,” Commonwealth Brewery Managing Director Hans Neven said.

This marked the first significant makeover in the company’s 30-year history. 700 Wines & Spirits better reflects its strong cultural ties and presence across the Bahamas’ chain of 700 islands and cays.

Previously, the company’s stores operated as Butler & Sands, Burns House, Wholesale Wines and Spirits, Bethel Robertson, and Ole Nassau liquor stores. Due to a lack of joint branding, few customers were aware that the stores were operated by the same company.

The launch of the 700 Wines & Spirits brand was designed to unify the retail stores. “We are and have been a part of the rich history of The Bahamas and its landscape, and we wanted to reflect that in the unification of our retail stores.

Black, a strong color that represents the vigor of the Bahamian people, aquamarine representing the stunningly clear waters of The Bahamas, and Gold for the golden sun.

These colors are woven intrinsically throughout the brand,” stated Commonwealth Brewery Marketing Director Katarzyna Malczewska-Blaszczuk.

700 Wines and Spirits Turns One700 Wines and Spirits Turns One700 Wines and Spirits Turns One

Today, 700 Wines & Spirits is the nation’s choice supplier of the world’s leading alcoholic beverages, with over 58 stores across more than 11 islands.

New and renovated locations include Palmdale Shopping Plaza, Cable Beach, Carmichael Road, Charles W. Saunders Highway, and its flagship JFK store.

700 Wines & Spirits’ nation-wide involvement is recognized in the company’s new tagline: Celebration Across the Nation, which, coupled with the brand’s use of the Bahamian flag’s colours, evokes feelings of pride, familiarity and ownership.

It has expanded its already diverse product offerings to include Heineken 16 oz can, Kalik Radler Cranberry and Pina Colada, Sol Mexican Beer, Smirnoff Electric Berry and Apple, Remy Martin 1738.

Additional services such as ATM, mobile top up, cigarettes and Cuban cigars are also available at select locations.

In keeping with its tagline, 700 Wines & Spirits will celebrate its birthday on May 18th nationwide with the launch of its loaylty program 700 Advantage.

With every purchase over $10 customers will earn 10%. For more information on 700 Wines & Spirits birthday specials and promotions visit the Facebook Page @700WinesandSpirits.

Commonwealth Brewery Limited

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