Creating employers, not just employees

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April 02, 2017

L.W. Young Junior High School business studies students were armed with the knowledge needed to become future business leaders, as the school's business studies department hosted a seminar aimed at empowering them with the tools to become future leaders.
The seminar, the second of its kind, was held at Grace Community Church and was founded with a view to creating employers, and not just employees.
"The seminar is designed to equip students for life after high school, ensuring that they are prepared for opportunities in the job market," said Anita Wilmott, lead co-ordinator of the event, which was attended by 70 students from the school's business program.
"We are trying to raise the horizon from the junior perspective into a senior high school perspective of life in the work place. We are trying to change the mindset of our kids. Instead of working for someone all of their lives, we want to empower them not to just be employees but to also be employers, because no matter what job they do in life, at the end they can always turn that into a business," said Wilmott.
Along with Wilmott, the event was headed by subject co-ordinators Ginger Pickstock and Lorraine Rolle.
L. W. Young offers entrepreneurship and commerce as a part of its curriculum.
Wilmott and Syan Rahming, a C.H. Reeves Junior High School teacher, are the authors of three junior school textbooks on commerce and entrepreneurship -- "Embracing Entrepreneurship in Junior High School", "Exploring Entrepreneurship in Junior High School" and "Discovering Commercial Activities in Business for Jr. High Schools: Introductory level".
The seminar featured four speakers who spoke to students on different aspects of entrepreneurship and work life.
Elvado Turnquest, manager of human resources at BTC, spoke about the basic skills required for getting the right job.
Turnquest gave tips on resume building, interview strategies and how to dress for the job.
Eellechiemae Roberts, nursing consultant at the Water & Sewerage Corporation, spoke to students about hygiene in the work place, proper grooming and the importance of taking care of their bodies.
Roberts also spoke to being sick at work, how to avoid spreading sickness in the work place and what to do when sick days are needed.
Natasha Uriz, a teacher at S.C. McPherson Junior High School, spoke on the students' social media smarts.
Uriz spoke to them on the importance of using social media for personal branding, as well as the dos and don'ts of social media.
Barry Wilmott, manager of collections at Bahamas Agricultural & Industrial Corporation (BAIC), encouraged students to set goals for themselves and never to allow life's situations to determine where they end up.
He spoke on how students can create opportunities for themselves and gave tips on how they can evolve.
Students were also awarded for achievement in the business program, including computer literacy and commerce.
Students were challenged to come up with a business plan to sell the body oils.
They used the skills taught to them in their entrepreneurship and commerce courses to come up with a marketing model.
Jamond Toussaint, an eighth grade student, was awarded first place for best entrepreneur of the year. Shanice Jones, a seventh grade student, was second.
Toussaint's marketing strategy was to make a pamphlet outlining the products and detailing cost.
He also used word of mouth marketing via his family and friends.
He was able to sell 15 of the body oils and had the best business plan, affording him the win in entrepreneurship competition.
Jones used a similar strategy in her second place showing.

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