BAMSI Signs Contract with Androsian Entrepreneur

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March 20, 2017

Executives of the Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute (BAMSI) on Monday signed a contract with Androsian entrepreneur Cerone Dean to provide the Institute with animal feed produced using specialised techniques.

The technology used by Mr Dean involves the production of highly nutritious fodder in a protected agricultural environment – which is an important element in overcoming the challenge of feed shortage during times such as the dry season when pasture growth is constrained.

“Feed is critical to livestock production, however in the Bahamas feed represents a major constraint to livestock development,” Dr. Jason Sands, chief operating officer (COO) of the Gladstone Road Agricultural Center (GRAC), said.

Feed is traditionally grown in open pastures which are susceptible to environmental challenges, Dr Sands said. Conditions, such as low levels of rain, may result in an insufficient and nutrient deficient feed supply.

As a result of these difficulties, BAMSI fully supports Mr. Dean, whose methods promise a consistent supply of feed which can be used as a supplement to feed produced at the BAMSI demonstration farm.

BAMSI veterinarian Dr. Keith Cox described Mr. Dean’s product as very exciting, adding it presented his team with the opportunity to fulfill their goal of demonstrating the productive capabilities of livestock operations in the Bahamas under conditions where nutrition is not a constraint.

Mr. Dean expressed excitement about the opportunity to provide animal fodder to BAMSI and looks forward to delivering a high-quality constant supply of animal feed. Chief executive officer (CEO) for BAMSI Alaasis Braynen, said Mr. Dean is the first example of BAMSI’s entrepreneurial programme, which he foresees creating additional opportunities throughout the family of islands.

Androsian signs contract with BAMSI to provide animal feed. Seated from left are Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of BAMSI Alaasis Braynen, and Cerone Dean. Standing from left are Chief Operating Officer (COO) for GRAC Dr. Jason Sands and Dr. Keith Cox, veterinarian, BAMSI.

Androsian signs contract to provide BAMSI with animal feed. From left are BAMSI Veterinarian Dr. Keith Cox, Androsian Entrepreneur Cerone Dean, BAMSI’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Alaasis Braynen and Dr. Jason Sands, COO of GRAC.

Yolanda Deleveaux


The Bahamas Agriculture & Marine Science Institute

News date : 03/20/2017    Category : About Bahamians, Press Releases

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